Low FODMAP Eats: “Wok Republic” / Tel Aviv   
17 Dec 2017

Important update / 24 Feb 2018:
Please note - the chain doesn't allow Low FODMAP modifications anymore.
Very disappointing and sad for IBSers living or visiting Israel.  

It was a beautiful sunny winter day last Saturday, and we found ourselves walking around the hip neighbourhood of Florentin in Tel Aviv.


Florentin is great for cool graffiti sightseeing and basically feeling young at heart.


Being Low FODMAP in Israel can be quite a challenge. There are no lo-fo certified products in the Holy Land and the awareness for the diet is pretty limited (to say the least). Nonetheless, that never stopped us from going out and trying new eating spots.


 “Wok Republic” is located in a new residential/commercial complex. The place is beautifully designed and includes Bangkok vibes mixed with the iconic Florentin graffiti culture.  


I decided to go for the “Pad Thai Noodles” and asked for the cabbage and onions to be removed. The dish included rice noodles, strips of chicken, scrambled eggs, carrots, sprouts and roasted peanuts.


Asking about the sauce, the lovely guy at the counter checked thoroughly what it includes. After realizing they use, in addition to soy sauce, also mushroom paste and powdered soup stock – I simply asked to omit them both.


“It might be a bit dry, just with soy sauce” he kindly warned me. I was willing to take my chances, and asked to use gluten-free soy sauce (just because).


Our food arrived fairy quickly in cute take away boxes, which open up to flat plates. It was a huge serving for the very convenient price of 37 NIS
(about 11 USD).


It was really yummy and fun to eat. He was right, it was a bit dry so I added another splash of soy sauce (keeping in mind the lo-fo limit of 2 tablespoons).


The dish was so generous that I had to pack about a third of it away. Not to worry, I had it later as an early dinner snack and it was still very yummy.

Words: Dorit Jaffe
Photos: Daniel Jaffe

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