Soup and Love (cherry tomato and thyme soup recipe)   
2 Jan 2018

Family gathering are supposed to be fun and relaxing, but when you are on the Low FODMAP Diet – it can also mean a challenge.


Having said that, I am so blessed to have THE MOST amazing in-laws.


Very early on my lo-fo journey I explained the basics of the diet and the general restrictions. Both of them took note and made sure I will always have some protein dish at lunch/dinner.


However, last Saturday they reached a new high.


I was over the moon to find out that my mother-in-law made a special soup, just for me. She felt bad that I was the only one not having soup as a starter (since it had onion and garlic).


She prepared a beautiful cherry tomato and thyme soup, which was perfectly Low FODMAP.

I was also touched to see the salad in the middle of the table; all the veggies that they know I can have were in the big bowl.


However, they had in a separate bowl cut-up onion and kohlrabi (I later updated that Monash University recently found that it is actually lo-fo, see here).

And on top it all, my in-laws prepared salmon and made a separate piece for me which didn’t have panko crumbs on top.  It was plain with herbs and seasoning. Yummy.


Having support from your loved ones is beyond important. Just writing this post makes me feel warm and nice inside.


For me, I take it as a lesson on how to treat other people with different needs.


I can only hope that one day, when my son brings home his partner, I will be as kind and respectful, just like them. 

Upon request, I asked for the recipe.


Cherry tomato and thyme soup:

In a baking tray, place halved cherry tomatoes.

Add thyme leaves, a sprinkle of kosher salt and a little olive oil.

Bake/roast in a med heat oven until soft.

Place the cooked tomatoes with the thyme in a blender  - I used a stick blender.

Add a little water as it needs thinning down, a little black pepper and more salt if necessary.

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