The world’s first Low FODMAP Challah?

Challah is a big thing for those who keep kosher or practice Judaism. It is usually eaten on Shabbat (Saturday) and Friday night dinners.

We were very excited to spot a Low FODMAP Challah – which is, perhaps, a world’s first?

The Challah, which is gluten-free, is made by the famous Australian kosher bakery “Glick’s”. Glick’s recently launched a range of gluten-free products like bagels and rolls, as well as the said Challah.

We purchased the Low FODMAP Challah at the Malvern branch of Glick’s (in Melbourne) for the price of 4 Aussie Dollars.

It comes in a small 200g pack, so if you need to feed the whole family you will need a few of these.

A special thanks to the Low FODMAP expert Joanna Baker, who helped checking the ingredients list.

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