Coming soon: new “Lo-Fo Pantry” Low FODMAP flour range

The revolution continues. After launching the world’s first Low FODMAP wheat flour earlier this year, the Australian company The Healthy Baker is expected to launch 3 new exciting Low FODMAP products. All of the products are Low FODMAP Certified by FODMAP Friendly.

In addition to launching new IBS friendly products, the company revamped the original Low FODMAP flour. The new branding includes changing the products title to “Lo-Fo Pantry”, as well as launching a new website. The website includes quite a lot of recipes as well as interesting articles about FODMAP and IBS.

Browsing through the new website, The FODMAP Talk was ecstatic to find out the company plans on introducing three new Low FODMAP products. The products are:

  • Lo-Fo Pantry Baking Mix (Makes Muffins, Waffles and Pancakes)

  • Lo-Fo Pantry Bread Flour

  • Lo-Fo Pantry Bread Flour with Seeds

According to the website, the products will be available online soon.

In other big news, the Australian company recently announced that the original “Lo-Fo Pantry Plain Flour” will be sold at Coles supermarket, in addition to Woolworths.

As reported on The FODMAP Talk in January, “Low FODMAP flour is made by removing FODMAPs through an all-natural, chemical-free wet extraction process”. The product is made with GMO-free Australian wheat and is sold in a reusable PET containers. The flour is Low FODMAP at a serving size of 100g.⠀

Are you excited to find out more about the new products? So are we!

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