Kelloggs Australia set to introduce FODMAP certified cereals

Exciting news is coming from the cereal giant Kelloggs. According to “FODMAP Friendly”, Kelloggs is working on launching not one but two low FODMAP certified cereals.

Although it is yet unknown which brands will have the certification, many are hopeful one of them will be Special K cereal. Currently, the certificated cereal and museli brands on offer are: FODY "Cinnamon Seed Crunch" and GoodMix Superfoods "Blend 11" (Monash University FODMAP app certification); Kenz's Kitchen "Cinnamon & Supersedes Cereal"; Food for Health "Blueberry Vanilla & Teff Gourmet Protein Muesli"; Food For Health "Coffee & Cacao Fruit Free Clusters"; and FORAGE "Muesli" (FODMAP Friendly certification).

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