“Freedom Foods” revamps Low FODMAP products; includes Monash FODMAP logo

The Australian company “Freedom Foods” recently launched new packaging for some of their products, including their Low FODMAP certified items. The new packaging now includes the Low FODMAP logo of Monash University.

Freedom Foods offers a number of Low FODMAP certified products, which are safe to consume as part of the FODMAP Diet. All of their Low FODMAP products are certified by Monash University. Their products are also gluten-free, wheat-free and nut-free.

Having the logo on the very front of the package means a great deal for us, FODMAPPERs. First and foremost, it is now very easy to identify which of their products is indeed Low FODMAP. In addition, it can help disseminating the IBS Diet idea and raising some much-needed awareness.

Freedom Foods offers 5 Low FODMAP products:

Freedom Foods is available at supermarkets across Australia and at reasonable prices.

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