Low FODMAP new-ish release: “Food for Health” Fruit Free Bars with Sea Salt & Caramel

The Australian company “Food for Health” recently released an interesting product Fruit Free Bars with Sea Salt & Caramel. The bars are Low FODMAP certified by FODMAP Friendly. The product, which was released in April, is also gluten-free.

“Food for Health” described the bars as follows “enjoy the hint of sweetness from the decadent chocolate drizzle and natural caramel flavour, balanced with a touch of saltiness. Packed with lots of healthy seeds, whole grains like millet and chia and bound with rice bran syrup (not glucose)”.

The product can be found at the Australian supermarket chain Coles.

We spotted it this week along with a “new” banner for the price of $7.

“Food for Health” has an extensive variety of Low FODMAP certified products, all suitable to consume as part of the FODMAP Diet. The Low FODMAP Diet, which was established by Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, is aiming to reduce the symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Nonetheless, it is important to make sure one consumes a Low FODMAP certified product according to the serving size listed on the packet.

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