A new Low FODMAP online shop

Unless you have been living on Mars, I am pretty sure you already heard that a brand new online shopping website launched last week – dedicated to Low FODMAP. Yes, the whole website, all of the products, are Low FODMAP. So exciting!

FodShop (www.fodshopper.com.au) is an Australian-based website which offers a wide variety of products, from pasta sauces to protein bars. All Low FODMAP.

The website has a very interesting mix of Low FODMAP certified products as well as products that were examined by a professional team and found to be Low FODMAP (by serving size).

The products at the shop are categorised according to different sections (i.e. wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan and vegetarian etc.). This way, you can choose the products that are right for you.

According to FodShop, “Every single one of our food products have been hand-selected, carefully analysed and approved by FODMAP experts trained in the field, making all products stocked at FodShop safe and suitable to eat, no matter where you are in your digestive health journey.”

Here are the brands you can find at FodShop:

  • Bay’s Kitchen – directly from the UK!!

  • Buontempo

  • Casalare

  • Fodmapped

  • Global Organics

  • Kez’s Kitchen FREE

  • Mayver’s

  • Natureen

  • Nourished by Carms

  • Orgran

  • Piranha

  • Quest Nutrition

  • Simply Wize

  • Slendier

  • The Vege Chip Co.

  • Turbo Plantain Snacks

  • Well & Good

  • Yes You Can

Let us know if you had a look at their website. What did you guys think?


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