Low FODMAP New Launch: Tip Top Sandwich Thins

The new kid in the Low FODMAP block just walked in!

The Australian company “Tip Top Bakery” just launched three Low FODMAP Certified products.

The new launch is a cool, thin, pre-sliced bread. The “Sandwich Thins” are FODMAP Friendly Low FODMAP Certified.

According to FODMAP Friendly, all three “Sandwich Thins” variety are Low FODMAP.

These products are:

TIP TOP Sandwich Thins Original

TIP TOP Sandwich Thins Wholemeal

TIP TOP Sandwich Thins Lightly Seeded

The Low FODMAP serving size is one bread thin (which is just 99 calories – not bad).

Please note this is NOT a gluten-free product.

The FODMAP Talk spotted this exciting new launch at Woolworths at a promo price of 2 for 5 Aussie Dollars.

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