Your chance to shape the future of a new Low FODMAP product (and win a prize)

We were recently contacted by a nice couple, Flora and Josh, who are following the Low FODMAP Diet.

Both got a parasite travelling called Giardia a few years ago, which “totally messed up their guts”.

“It's been a huge challenge but we're slowly getting there and we're now on a mission to make ALL our lives more fun on the diet!” they added.

They composed a short (and actually fun to fill out) survey, in order to get some idea on what people want and need Low FODMAP products-wise.

One of the participants of the survey can win a Low FODMAP prize, and they even promise “to make it worth your time with first dibs to taste our products or trial our service as soon as it’s launched”.

Link to the survey:

#LowFODMAP #Survey

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