“FODY”: Low FODMAP rebranding

If you love marketing and branding (like me), you will be interested to know that the Canadian Low FODMAP-focused company “FODY” recently launched a branding overhaul.

“FODY” chose a new color scheme - switching to a lovely vibrant purple.

In addition, they changed their font - from a thin font to a round, hand-written type.

The famous Low FODMAP company also modified their tag line, which now states “Low FODMAP & Gut Friendly”.

The Fody bird has flown away and doesn’t appear in the new branding anymore.

As previously reported in “The FODMAP Talk”, the company received a major boost late last year.

“FODY” reported that they “raised $2.25 million in a Series A financing round led by Avrio Capital”.

According to the press release back in December 2017 “this cash injection will help Montreal-based FODY accelerate its USA and Canadian distribution presence both online and in retail, and develop new products so craved by the 15% of Americans with some form of IBS.”

We are very excited to hear about FODY's upcoming developments and releases.

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