New Low FODMAP Certified Ranch Dressing

What happens when a United States Marine Corps veteran wants to help people with IBS to live a better and happier life? A brand new Low FODMAP Certified Ranch Dressing is born.

The story behind the new American all-FODMAP company “Live Free Foods” is interesting. Scot Savarese, the owner, served in the Marine Corps. After leaving the service, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry, in gastroenterology.

Savarese noticed that “most patients were being set up for failure on the Low FODMAP diet. A lack of certified foods at grocery stores meant that people had to prepare everything from scratch. Scot wanted to help people with IBS to live a life free from symptoms and make life a little bit easier on the Low FODMAP diet.”.

The first product of the new company is a FODMAP Friendly Low FODMAP Certified Ranch Dressing.

Savarese told The FODMAP Talk “our Ranch Dressing is the product of 10 long months of hard work to get the flavor just right. Ranch is actually the most sold salad dressing in the United States. I think part of that is because ranch is such a versatile condiment. One thing I've heard from many people on Low FODMAP is that it’s hard to add flavor into the diet. That's where ranch can come in, to add a little bit of zest. We made sure ours is creamy and authentic, tastes just like the original ranch you'd buy off the store shelves”.

Live Free Foods promises that “all of their products will be tested and verified to be safe during the elimination phase of Low FODMAP”.

The new Ranch Dressing is available to purchase on the Live Free Foods’s website and in the future also on Amazon and in US grocery stores.

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