New Low FODMAP Certified digestive fiber

A new and interesting product recently received a Monash University Low FODMAP Certification in the U.S.

The product, manufactured by the giant corporation Nestlé Health Science, is called “ProNourish® Digestive Balance Fiber”.

According to Nestlé, it is “a 100% plant-based fiber that can support digestive health”.

The new Low FODMAP product is “made entirely from guar beans that have been milled and then partially hydrolyzed (or broken down) into smaller molecules to dissolve more easily”.

By using the product (as part of a balanced diet), it can help to “promote regularity, increase the number of bowel movements without causing diarrhea and soften and bulk stools” (note that it was mentioned “these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration").

The powder, which is unflavored, is also lactose free, gluten free and vegan.

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