"Bakers Delight" officially launched a Low FODMAP Certified bun

The famous Australian bakery “Bakers Delight” officially launched its Low FODMAP Certified roll earlier this week. The freshly baked bun is FODMAP Friendly Certified.

This is the second lo-fo product by the Australian company, which has over 700 branches around the world, most of them in Australia and some in New Zealand and Canada (in Canada the brand is called "COBS Bread").

In 2017, Bakers Delight made history: they were the first giant bakery to launch a fresh Low FODMAP Certified bread.

The launch also included video commercials, which helped raise the IBS and lo-fo awareness in Australia.

The new roll is perfect for burgers, on-the-go lunch, breakfasts and so much more.

In 2017, Bakers Delight’s biggest competitor in Australia “Brumby's Bakeries” launched in response two Low FODMAP products, which are Monash University Certified – bread and a roll.

Now, Australians can pretty easily access freshly baked Low FODMAP breads and rolls.

Fantastic achievement.

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