Our XMAS present from MonashU: new Low FODMAP updates

Monash University launched a fun Christmas project: 12 days of new Low FODMAP tested foods. In the past few days, the university that founded the lo-fo diet has updated that the following items were tested and found to be Low FODMAP: kale, tigernuts, green banana flour, coconut sugar and cos lettuce.

Kale: the lo-fo serving size for this hip green vegetable is one cup, chopped.

Tigernuts: the lo-fo serving size of this interesting nut is one handful.

Green banana flour: the lo-fo serving size of the flour is 2/3 cup flour ingredient.

Coconut sugar: Monash made sure to point out that the lo-fo serving size is quite limited- one teaspoon.

Cos lettuce: the lo-fo serving size is one cup.

Can’t wait to learn about further updates, getting closer and closer to Christmas.

#MonashUniversity #Christmas

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