“FODY” just received a big boost

It seems like the Low FODMAP Diet is gaining momentum – and obviously we couldn’t be happier.

This week the Canadian FODMAP-focused company “FODY Food Co.” announced they had “raised $2.25 million in a Series A financing round led by Avrio Capital”.

According to the press release “this cash injection will help Montreal-based FODY accelerate its USA and Canadian distribution presence both online and in retail, and develop new products so craved by the 15% of Americans with some form of IBS.”

Steven J. Singer, founder and CEO of FODY, said “for over 45 million North Americans living with IBS, eating is a constant source of stress. We are thrilled to offer a wide portfolio of great tasting, certified low FODMAP foods to touch people's lives in a delicious way".

We cannot wait to see which new products FODY will be developing next, and we could only hope their range will be available as globally as possible.

#FODYFoodCo #AvrioCapital

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