Huge news Australia! Brumby’s launched new Low FODMAP loaf and rolls

The Low FODMAP scene in Australia is getting hotter.

The giant baked goods chain “Brumby’s” launched this week its first two Low FODMAP products: Quinoa and Linseed rolls, and Quinoa and Linseed loaf.

The two products are Monash University Low FODMAP Certified.

Brumby's new Low FODMAP loaf (image: Brumby's website)

The move comes just months after the competitor “Bakers Delight” had launched its first ever Low FODMAP bread. Recently, Bakers Delight also launched a lo-fo roll. Those two products are FODMAP Friendly Certified.

“Bakers Delight” Low FODMAP loaf (image: Bakers Delight's website)

This is big news for Australian FODMAPpers. The bread loafs and the bread rolls are freshly baked daily in store. According to Brumby’s website, the products are “high in protein and fibre, easier to digest and have reduced fermentable carbs, making them ideal for customers with sensitive tummies”.

The products are not gluten-free and the recommended serving sizes are two slices or one roll.

This move is another amazing achievement in the efforts to raise the Low FODMAP awareness. Well done, Brumby's.

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