Low FODMAP XMAS Gift Idea: Food & Symptom Diary

It might not be your go-to Christmas present, but receiving and giving a dedicated Low FODMAP Diet diary can be not just practical but also very thoughtful.

The “Bay’s Kitchen” Food & Symptom Diary was created “to track your food intake as well as your symptoms, with quick reference side bars to log how you felt that day – making it easy to look back and find patterns between your symptoms and food in your diet”.

The diary is size A5 with 4 months worth of pages. It also includes “tables for the re-introduction stage of the Low FODMAP Diet and a useful reference table of safe levels of foods”.

Hayley Burdett, the force behind “Bay’s Kitchen”, told The FODMAP Talk “I decided to create the diary after being advised to follow a Low FODMAP Diet and then looking for a suitable diary to note all my food intake and symptoms down. I couldn't find anything which suited my needs and so I developed my own! It saves so much time by having all the sections there ready to fill in, so you don't forget to note something down for that day. It has a morning and evening symptom scale at the side of the pages - this is so you can easily flick through the pages straight to all the ones with bad symptoms and start to look at common trends from those days and start to identify your food triggers! It also has a dedicated section for tracking reintroductions on the FODMAP diet, a list of low FODMAP foods and some detail about the Low FODMAP Diet.”

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