New Low FODMAP Certified liquid and powder stocks

Liquid stock is an essential part of home cooking – it can be used in many dishes, as well as in soups. It’s easy and simple and can enhance flavors wonderfully.

However, normally the usual suspects – onion and garlic – can be found in these stocks, which prevents them from being lo-fo friendly.

Well, the good people at “Massel” made us pretty chappy towards the holiday season.

“Massel” recently launched 4 different liquid stocks, all Low FODMAP Monash University Certified.

According to the Monash official app, the flavors are: beef, chicken, salt reduced chicken and vegetables. These stocks are available in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition, “Massel” also introduced six different flavors of stock powder, all Low FODMAP Certified. The flavors are: chicken, beef, vegetable, salt reduced beef, salt reduced vegetable and salt reduced chicken.

All of the above are available in Australia and New Zealand. However, the salt reduced beef and the salt reduced vegetable stock powder are also available also in the USA.

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