The Black FODMAP tea

The sales season is here, which mean we get to enjoy some nice discounts.

The FODMAP Friendly Tea Co” announced they are having a sale in their Etsy store – 20% off the entire range.

The shop was set up for international shipping (outside Australia), however Aussies are welcome to purchase there as well and enjoy the sale.

The Australian company is FODMAP Friendly certified and offers a variety of tea blends with some promising benefits.

According to the company, their blends can assist with “relieving inflammation, inhibiting colitis and crohn’s disease; relieving muscle cramps and spasm; reducing the associated pain of bloating and indigestion due to calming effects on the intestines; improving IBS symptoms; help to regulate metabolism, increase fat burning and suppress appetite; lower blood pressure; relieving insomnia, stress, anxiety and nervousness; and strengthening the immune system and helps to detoxify the body”.

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