The FODMAP blog spotlight: Fittie FODMAP London

Upon being diagnosed with IBS, I felt so alone. Who would understand what I am going through every single day? People can listen and nod, but they can’t really, truly, relate.

This is why I was over the moon to discover the Low FODMAP Diet. After looking it up, I was so happy to find out that FODMAP is a solid internet ‘thing’. As a result, “The FODMAP Talk” was born.


“The FODMAP Talk” will be dedicating a special feature about the hard-working lo-fo bloggers who help raise a much-needed FODMAP awareness.

The first blog worth mentioning is “Fittie FODMAP London”.

“Fittie FODMAP London” is a great blog published by Becky, a 30 something Londoner “with a huge interest in food, health, wellbeing and fitness”.

Her blog includes recipes, tips, product reviews and more. It makes you want to go to the gym (or at least contemplate about it). Also check out her interesting Instagram page.

#FittieFODMAPLondon #Blogger

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