USA: a first low FODMAP certified dairy range

American FODMAPpers, rejoice.

“FODMAP Friendly” recently announced that a whole lo-fo dairy range has received their certification. We are talking yogurts, butter, cream cheese, sour cream and even Kefir.

The low FODMAP products are by the American companies “Green Valley Organics” and “Redwood Hill Farm Creamery”.

Green Valley Organics' certified products include low fat and whole milk Yogurts (vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and plain); Lactose Free Butter; Lactose Free Cream Cheese; Lactose Free Sour Cream; and Lactose Free Kefir (low fat or whole milk – blueberry and pomegranate acai, strawberry, blueberry or plain).

The certified Redwood Hill Farm Creamery's range includes Plain Goat Milk Yogurt.

Sounds yummy.

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