Imagine a café that serves only Low FODMAP food – and now, wake up

Luke and Christina met on Tinder, and soon realized they have something in common – they both have been suffering from irritable tummies for years. The Melbournian couple had decided to make their dream come true and established a business dedicated to Low FODMAP.

“Foddies” runs a lo-fo café in Melbourne which is “dedicated to delicious, freshly made food that everyone can enjoy”.

In addition, at the café you can purchase “FODBOX”s, which are frozen ready-made-meals to have at home. “Foddies” also offers sauces without onion, garlic and the other usual suspects.

To top it all, “Foddies” also established a lo-fo donuts shop, which is also located in Melbourne.

Tip: before paying them a visit, just make sure you check their opening hours.

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