Love food again with “FODMAP Everyday”

It just brightens up our day to discover new FODMAP dedicated websites, which aim to better our life. Especially when the website’s objective is to help us “not only to live IBS pain-free but learn to love food again”.

“FODMAP Everyday” is a recently launched website, which includes other than recipes also in-depth information about the diet, articles, tips and interviews.

It includes over 120 original “kitchen tested” low FODMAP recipes.

We were very pleased to learn that 50 of these recipes are Monash University Low FODMAP Certified recipes. According to “FODMAP Everyday”, they are the first US based company to have recipes certified by Monash.

The co-founders of “FODMAP Everyday” are the food and photography specialists Dédé Wilson and Robin Jaffin. The team also includes 4 dietitians “with particular areas of focus related to gut health and the Low FODMAP diet in particular”.

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