Simple, quick and easy salmon and salsa

Fresh salmon is the best. We were so lucky to get our hands on a quality piece of salmon the other day.

All we needed in order to make this meal perfect was fresh and well-seasoned tomato salsa and white, fluffy rice.

I love these kind of Low FODMAP meals. It is so easy to make, it is good for you and most of all – it is so yummy.

So here is a recipe for a simple, easy and quick salmon and tomato salad:

Pan Fried Salmon:

Heat a pan on the gastop.

Place the salmon fillets onto the hot pan.

Lightly sprinkle kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper on the fillets.

Reduce the heat to about half  strength.

As soon as the fish begins to become more opaque (about a third of the thickness closer to the pan) turn over gently using tongs.

Allow the fish to cook until it is almost entirely opaque. Ideally you want to remove the fish out the pan while the centre of the fish is still pinkish/raw.

Place the fillets onto a plate/bowl and cover with tin foil. At this stage the fillets will continue to cook but will prevent it from overcooking and becoming dry.


After several minutes, serve together with rice, tomato salsa and freshly squeeze lemon.


Tomato Salsa:

Coarsely dice several ripe tomatoes (mix sizes and varieties if available).

Place the  tomatoes in a bowl.

Chop half a sprig of coriander and mix into the tomatoes.

Lightly sprinkle with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Drizzle garlic infused oil (Low FODMAP) and mix into the tomatoes.

Recipe: Daniel Jaffe 

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