Easy Low FODMAP puffed rice muffins

23 Jan 2018

My mum loves using puffed rice, and I love eating anything that has to do with puffed rice.

It’s light, delicious, versatile and most importantly – Low FODMAP.

The ingredients list of the puffed rice we are using is pretty short – either 100% brown rice or brown rice with a bit of sugar.

Puffed rice muffins are so easy, it's ridiculous.

For me, the basic ratio is 6 eggs to 2.5 cups puffed rice. You can basically add anything you like to the mixture.


I added a mix of mozzarella and tasty cheese (one slice each), cherry tomatoes, thyme, garlic infused olive oil (one teaspoon) and seasoning.


Into the pre-heated oven (180c degrees) for 15 minutes – and you got yourself an easy and delicious breakfast, snack or lunch.

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