Perfectionism feeds my IBS monster
20 Jan 2018

The other I had that "meltdown moment" working mums are experiencing every now and then.


It's not always easy being a mum to an active 2 year old boy; have a full-time job; and be a blogger.


Luckily, I get a few quiet and meaningful "blog sessions" on the weekend.

My IBS triggered badly due to high-level stress (you can read my IBS story in the "About" section of my blog).


Knowing firsthand how IBS and stress are highly connected, I try my best not to over-stress over this endless juggling.


I try to accept the fact that as a perfectionist it's sometimes hard for me to deal with situations where things don't go 100% the way I want them to. However, it’s an endless battle.

On the bright side, I am happy I am able to pin-point my trigger and do some self-work. 

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