Product review: Low FODMAP Pesto Sauce by
“Roza’s Gourmet”

23 June 2018

Producing a Low FOFMAP pesto is definitely a challenge. Garlic is one of the main ingredients in this famous sauce and omitting it can change the whole pesto concept.


The Australian company “Roza’s Gourmetrecently launched a new product “Nut Free Pesto”. The product is self-claimed Low FODMAP, meaning it wasn’t tested by Monash University or FODMAP Friendly to be Low FODMAP Certified.

Last night I was short in time and a quick pesto pasta looked like the perfect Friday night solution.


Keeping it Low FODMAP I used the Aldi gluten-free spaghetti, made exclusively from corn and rice. After the pasta was ready I simply stirred in the pesto while the pan was on low heat. Just before serving it we added lots of shredded Parmesan cheese.

Quickly after started eating we realised we most definitely need to add some salt and pepper to the dish. My non-FODMAP husband grabbed our garlic infused oil and mentioned he needed “more garlic flavour”.

I think the issue was the pasta-pesto ration. If I had used less spaghetti, the flavour was more intense. When tasting the pesto by itself- it was delicious and very flavoursome.


Therefore, and not to be disappointed, I would recommend to use about half a packet of spaghetti with one tin of pesto. Secondly, having the pesto by itself with hard cheeses and crackers would be amazing. Next time will definitely lean towards this use.  

All in all, loved the product. A great Low FODMAP solution for a very High FODMAP product.

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