What is love? The FODMAP version 
14 Feb 2018 

Love, for me, is not roses, hearts, chocolates or balloons. ⠀

Love is daily support. ⠀

Love is omitting onion and garlic from dishes – without making a big fuss about it every single time.

Love is not rushing you when you are stuck in the toilets even though we need to leave. ⠀

Love is going past a petrol station and ask ‘do you need me to stop?’.

Love is being patient. ⠀

Love is supporting the IBS struggle every single day. ⠀

Love is listening. ⠀

Love is knowing when to say – just let go, everything is going to be OK. ⠀

I am so lucky to experience love every day. A simple love, just love. ⠀

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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