5 reasons why the new Low FODMAP Certified Ranch Dressing

24 Feb 2018 

Did you know that Ranch dressing has been the best-selling salad dressing in the United States since 1992?


According to Wikipedia, Ranch Dressing includes a combination of buttermilk, salt, garlic, onion, mustard, herbs and spices, mixed into a sauce based on mayonnaise, or another oil emulsion.

Reading the original ingredients list, one can understand why it took the new company “Live Free Foods” 10 long months to perfect the flavor of their
Low FODMAP Certified Ranch Dressing. The new product is FODMAP Friendly certified.

To be honest, my knowledge of Ranch Dressings is very limited.


However, after reading about its huge popularity, I was so excited to try the new Low FODMAP Certified product (which was sent to us by “Live Free Foods”).


After adding the Ranch Dressing to a salad, a fish dish, a meatball sub and tortilla chips – here are 5 reasons why this Low FODMAP product is THE BOMB:

1. Texture: the Ranch Dressing is so creamy – yet dense and holds shape.

2. The dressing is tangy and adds a sharp flavor to different dishes.

3. The dressing has an “onion-y” flavor to it (without using any onions, obviously).

4. The bottle size is very generous -  11.05oz (326g) and it’s price is reasonable ($4.99 before shipping).

5. The Ranch Dressing goes well with so many different types of dishes- we tried it on top of salmon, with salsa, on meatballs and just as a dip.

Just be mindful:

1. Sometimes you need to give the bottle a little tap on the back to pour the dressing out. It may result in too much dressing coming out of the bottle
(the Low FODMAP serving size is 2 tablespoons).

2. Two tablespoons are 160 calories (160 pretty justified calories, but still…).

Words: Dorit Jaffe

Photos: Daniel Jaffe

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