My 2018 IBS-related goals list   
30 Dec 2017

Recently I went to see a very interesting talk “The List” by the Israeli entrepreneur Yuval Abramovitz. 


The tag line for Yuval’s concept is “Dream it. Write it. Share it. Shout it. Do it”.


He basically encourages his audience to write lists, publish them and work towards making them happen. The dreams can be big or small and relate to any aspect of our lives.


I absolutely love his spirit and approach to life. I own three of his books and follow him on social media. By the way, his books were translated to many languages so if you want to check it out go to

As part of my lists, and in light of the New Year, I created a dedicated IBS-related List.


Since writing this list a few days ago I feel like I am really making an effort to follow it. As Yuval says, writing a list is like creating a contract with yourself.

If you are writing your own IBS List and would like to “shout it out” to the world, I would be delighted to publish it here on “The FODMAP Talk” (email

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