Low FODMAP Eats: Sushi “Hasushia” / Tel Aviv   
27 Dec 2017

It will be safe to say that my favorite food in the entire world is sushi. I must admit that I completely and utterly fell in love with sushi while living in Australia. Down Under, sushi joints are as popular as, let’s say, falafel eateries in Israel. It's quick, it's cheap and perfect on-the-go. Since moving back to Israel, I am always on the hunt for good sushi.


I was obviously thrilled to find out that sushi – with the right components – can be Low FODMAP.


“Hasushia” is a cute sushi chain in Israel. It has 15 branches in different cities and overall it offers descent sushi for relatively good prices.


On a mild Saturday arvo, we had a stroll through Rothchild Boulevard in central Tel Aviv.


If you plan to visit Tel Aviv, most definitely do not miss visiting this famous boulevard. The southern end of Rothchild meets the artistic neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek and at its northern end the national theater “Habima” is located. Habima Square has been renovated in recent years and is a must stop.

Hasushia in Rothchild is pretty small - a few seats are inside and a few outside. If the weather allows, sitting outside is great as you can soak in the atmosphere. The service is impeccable – quick and very attentive.

I ordered two kind of sushi: futomaki and futomaki insideout. For us FODMAPpers, there is a big advantage – the menu allows to freely choose the ingredients and assemble the sushi according to our like.

From the list of items, I chose tamago (Japanese omelette), tofu, avocado, smoked salmon, cucumber and carrot.


The sushi was fresh, very generous in size and overall very yummy. If I was more peckish, I could probably order another roll - but since diagnosed with IBS -D  I try not to over-eat.


As for the price, one roll was 38 NIS and the other 39 NIS – 77 NIS all together (about 22 USD / 28 AUD). That is not cheap at all, but relatively to Israeli prices it's decent.


All in all – nice sushi with the added bonus of being able to assemble your own roll, which is perfect FODMAP-wise.

Words: Dorit Jaffe
Photos: Daniel Jaffe


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