New E-book: 50 Monash University Low FODMAP Certified recipes  
15 Feb 2018 

The website “FODMAP Everyday” recently launched a new E-book, which contains 50 Monash University Low FODMAP Certified recipes.


The E-book gathers together recipes from the “FODMAP Everyday” website. By the way, all of these recipes are currently available free of charge on their website.

The FODMAP Talk FODMAP Everyday ebook Monash University recipes

“FODMAP Everyday” very kindly sent us a copy of the new E-book, and after giving it a good flick, here are my thoughts:


1. For the small price of $3.99 you get a 119-pages PDF file, which is beautifully designed and very easy to read.

2. It is very convenient to have all 50 recipes in one place, divided to categories.

3. I love that they include useful tips in every recipe – some relate to general cooking and others specifically to Low FODMAP cooking.

4. Many recipes include an “if you can tolerate” section, which means the recipe can be modified according to specific needs (i.e. from the Vegetable Broth recipe: “If you have passed the mannitol Challenge consider adding up to 3 stalks of celery. It adds such a wonderful flavor to soup bases”).

5. The E-book contains both metric and imperial system (i.e. quarts – liters, inch – mm etc.). That’s very thoughtful, considering “FODMAP Everyday” is an American website.

6. The photos look delicious and the recipes are down to earth.

The FODMAP Talk FODMAP Everyday ebook Monash University recipes

For more details and to purchase the E-book click here:


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