Exclusive interview with the world’s first Low FODMAP cafe chain
9 April 2018 

There is no doubt Melbourne (Australia) is the Low FODMAP capital.


Therefore, there was no surprise to find in the most livable city in the world what would soon be the world’s first Low FODMAP cafe chain - “Foddies”. 

The all-Low FODMAP eatery “Foddies” recently announced they will be opening another branch in the suburb Camberwell.


“Foddies” took over the cafe “Red Robyn”, which closed late last year. Foddies new branch will be open in a few week's time. 

As previously reported by The FODMAP Talk, Red Robyn used to offer interesting Low FODMAP options. In addition, they had lo-fo symbols on their menu: “FODMAP friendly” and “Can be made FODMAP”.

As a result of this expansion, Foddies will have three branches: Foddies Cafe in Albert Park; Foddies Donut Store in Moonee Ponds; and Foddies Cafe in Camberwell.

Foddies was established by a lovely couple - Luke and Christina. They met on Tinder, and soon realized they have something in common – they both have been suffering from irritable tummies for years. The Melbournian couple decided to make their dream come true and established a business dedicated to Low FODMAP.

Foddies also offers other products, like frozen ready-made-meals, spice mixes, sauces and more.

The FODMAP Talk recently held an exclusive interview with Luke and Christina from Foddies. 

Please could you let us know about your new branch

Our Camberwell location will be our third location and is the next step in rolling out a national store network. We really do want to change the world for people with food allergies and intolerances and we need to go big to make this a reality!

Will the new branch be completely Low FODMAP?

Yep absolutely! Our entire menu is Low FODMAP. In fact, everything we do is Low FODMAP! This includes our packaged products like frozen meals, dumplings, sauces and spice mixes.

Will there be a different menu to your existing one?

No, the menu will be consistent across both cafes. Our ultimate goal in our retail business is to roll out a national franchise and it makes it a little bit easier to manage with consistent food offerings.

Will you also be selling donuts at your Camberwell location?

Donuts will be available at the new Camberwell cafe eventually. Maybe not right at the start.

This is a big undertaking for us and we want to make sure we get settled and get the basics right before bringing the donuts in.

Please share some details about your new online store?

Our online store has had a significant upgrade. We’ve put up basically our entire range of packaged products (except for the chilled and frozen options) and made many available Australia-wide.

We’ve also just brought in a range of fresh meals and have also expanded our delivery zone within Melbourne.

Our frozen meals are already available through some supermarkets in Adelaide and we’re hoping to make more products available in more areas this year!

If you follow us on social media you may already know that The FODMAP Talk is moving to Melbourne very (very!!) soon. It goes without saying that we will be visiting the cafes and reporting.  

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