Why living in “the vegan capital of the world”
got me drinking coffee again

30 Dec 2017

Coffee makes me happy. Well, let me rephrase it – good coffee makes me happy.


Since starting my Low FODMAP journey a few months ago, I completely avoided drinking coffee in cafes and restaurants. I was under the (false) impression that I won’t be able to find lo-fo milk alternatives. To be honest, I was pretty envious at people walking around town with their branded take away coffees.


Well, little did I know…

Tel Aviv was recently crowned “the vegan capital of the world” by the leading British newspaper “The Independent”. And as such, almond milk has become the new hip thing in Central Tel Aviv.


I was so surprised to walk into cafes and receive a positive answer to my question. (I did receive negative answers stepping outside Central TLV though, for example around the “Sarona” district).


I had a beautiful creamy latte at "COFFEE HOUSE 36” at the cool “Rothschild Allenby Market”.
Another favorite is a tall latte at “Loveat” near Lavontin St.


Now let’s hope the almond milk revolution will spread further than central Tel Aviv.


Did you spot an almond milk location? Let us know! Email thefodmaptalk@gmail.com

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