Low FODMAP Cookbook review: “Low FODMAP Recipes From The Fat Foodie: Making IBS-Friendly Low FODMAP Food Good!”

14 August 2018

Recently, we have been blessed with a shower of Low FODMAP cook books. Last week, a new Amazon-exclusive book hit the electronic shelves – “Low FODMAP Recipes From The Fat Foodie: Making IBS-Friendly Low FODMAP Food Good!”.


This book was published by Jane Cessford, a British Low FODMAP blogger, who runs the blog “The Fat Foodie”. Jane was very kind to send us her new book to review. (A side yet important note: as you probably already know, even if I am gifted with products, I will always publish my honest and full opinion).

This cookbook is ginormous – 150 recipes over 341 pages. However, at the same time it’s also a humble cookbook – you won’t find here any fancy photos, sophisticated graphics and photoshop editing. No gimmicks here.


Nonetheless, it holds SO MUCH useful information and wonderful, almost average-Joe recipes. Jane stresses that she is not a dietitian, just a FODMAPper who loves food and cooking.


Each recipe carries an introduction with very useful FODMAP information, like the Low FODMAP serving amounts as well as interesting anecdotes about the dish.


The book contains an interesting mix of recipes. On one hand you get very basic recipes like Pouched Eggs on Toast, yet on the other hand there are more advance recipes like Aloo Palack or Coconut Chana Masala.


I actually like the fact that there are some easy recipes like Potato Wedges – it gives you lots of great meal ideas and sort of reminding you of dishes you didn’t think can be Low FODMAP.

The price is also humble, at least for the electronic version. The Kindle e-book edition is £7.99 and the paperback edition is £27.99. The good news is that it's available to buy from Amazon worldwide.


All in all, this is a very resourceful Low FODMAP cookbook. The value for money factor is definitely in place. As far as I could tell, I couldn’t see any High FODMAP recipes in this book.


Even though its design is basic – I reckon this is part of the book’s magic. It’s an honest book by a FODMAPper who loves food and wants to share her love with the world. You know what – not always everything has to be sophisticated and perfect. It’s actually refreshing to come across a humble book that gives you lots and lots of recipes and content.

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