First impression book review:
“FODMAP Friendly” by Georgia McDermott

2 August 2018

The Low FODMAP community was buzzing this week as the news about a beautifully looking Low FODMAP cookbook launch broke out. The new book is by the Melbournian blogger and recipe developer Georgia McDermott, who is considered to be an Instagram sensation.


A day after its release I had to go and get the book – so I can report back to you guys. Unfortunately, I quickly realised that I could have gotten the book a heck of a lot cheaper if I would have gone to Kmart instead of buying it at a book store (I paid $35 instead of $24 – annoying!).


Anyway – let’s not cry over Low FODMAP spilled milk and get into it. First and foremost, I think it’s important to declare that as far as I am aware- there is no connection between this book, titled “FODMAP Friendly”, to the famous certification body FODMAP Friendly. I have no clue whether FODMAP Friendly knew about this title coming out and what was their reaction to it. But let’s just say I wouldn’t mind to be a fly on that wall …

If we focus on the book itself – as expected, the photos are amazing and beyond. They were taken by Georgia herself and you can see that a lot of time and effort were put into them. That can also be said as far as the recipes go – you get quite a versatile bunch of mouth-watering recipes.


The cover states that the recipes are “mostly vegetarian” however if you are a vegan or a vego then don’t expect this book to be a complete plant-based one. There are quite a lot of fish recipes.


Now - the sore point of this book – and that is its Low FODMAPpiness. Well, there are some recipes which are not completely Low FODMAP. Actually, there are even two recipes which include onion in them. Even though these curry recipes look amazing and I am sure they are super delicious – I think Georgia should have resisted the temptation and cut them out in editing.


Grabbing a book with such a promising title and then include high FODMAP ingredients feels like missing the point. Look, don’t get me wrong – this book is beautiful and has many interesting recipes. Anyone who loves food would love having a copy and even trying a few recipes. But you get my point – if it’s Low FODMAP then keep it strictly Low FODMAP. And if it’s not completely Low FODMAP then “Gut Friendly” would of been a title that might have not upset the suits (if they were upset, that is…).


Georgia responded on The FODMAP Talk's Instagram:
"Hello! There are 2 recipes with onion - one with 1/4 (optional) shallot, 1 with 2 onions that was supposed to include an option to use caramelised fennel (which unfortunately seems to have been left out, despite my insistence.) I think it’s pretty reasonable to include 2 optional onion recipes out of 100 - not everyone is intolerant to onion, and I think it’s a shame when certain foods are excluded when they don’t need to be. This is a collection of recipes for various people to use when dealing with their intolerances long term - not an elimination phase. Onion has a place for the people who can eat it. The word pescatarian was what I put forward for the cover, and I did not get to choose the name - it would have been ‘digestively challenged’ if I had a say. Thanks for the review 🙃"

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