Are airlines' "Bland Meals" a good Low FODMAP option?
23 April 2018 

In the future there will be Low FODMAP meals served on airlines around the world. We have no doubt! (Well, if it’s on our Low FODMAP vision board – it has to happen one day, no?!).


The first airline to launch Low FODMAP meal will win big points within us, FODMAPpers – no doubt.


Until then – we have to settle for “Bland Meals”. These meal are “destined to be eaten by those whose metabolism cannot deal with spices, herbs, sauces or exotic flavorings”.

Are bland meals good option for Low FODMAP?


We recently took two long haul flights with Cathay Pacific – one from Tel Aviv to Hong Kong and one from Hong Kong to Melbourne. I ordered Bland Meals for both of these flights. Nonetheless, I took Low FODMAP snacks and sandwiches with me on board.

Executive Summary:

The Bland Meals were not consistently a good Low FODMAP option.

In one of the flights I received some decent components within the meal, which were reasonably edible. In the other - I couldn’t even bare the smell of the meals, not to mention enjoy the food.

All in all – in the future I will most definitely pack snacks and light meals like sandwiches with me. That is until a proper Low FODMAP airline meal will be launched.

For the full details on what I got on the plane – keep on reading…


Fody Foods 4.png

First Bland Meal: TLV – HK


The first meal was lunch. It included mashed potatoes, two meat balls, cut up fruits, a salad, bread roll and two small dark chocolate.

The positive: the dark chocolate was cute. That’s about it, sorry…

The negative: the salad seemed to be Low FODMAP but it felt mushy and un-fresh so I didn’t feel like taking my chances with it. In the fruit section, only the mandarin was Low FODMAP.
As for the main meal -I hate to say that, but the mashed potatoes had a weird smell (I can still smell it as I am typing this review).
I had one meat ball, to give it a go. For a bland meal I must say that it was very herby and full of spices. But it was also very oily and not that pleasant to eat.  

Second Bland Meal: TLV – HK

The second meal we had on this flight was breakfast.

In this meal – believe it or not – the smelly mash potatoes made a comeback! In addition, I had what seemed to be scrambled eggs; cut up fruits and plain yogurt.


The positive: well, there was that sneaky mandarin again, that saved the day.

The negative: unfortunately, the eggs were not enjoyable, not to mention the fact they were next to the infamous mash potatoes. Unfortunately, the other fruits were not Low FODMAP, as well as the yogurt.

Third Bland Meal: HK – MEL


After a few hours at Hong Kong Airport, we boarded our second flight. This meal was breakfast / lunch. It included steamed rice, steamed fish, steamed veggies, a little salad and some sort of a jelly.

The positive: the main and the salad were actually good Low FODMAP options. Yay! To be honest I couldn’t eat much because I felt pretty sick from the previous meals (probably the meat ball wasn’t agreeing with me at this stage).

The negative: I still, to this day, have no idea what was that jelly… haha.

Forth Bland Meal: HK-MEL


This meal was my most enjoyable one overall. It included potatoes, bland chicken, steamed veggies, a salad of steamed veggies and some sort of a dessert (again, not sure what it was).

The positive: the potatoes and the chicken were great! I had them all.

The negative: the salad wasn’t much Low FODMAP and the dessert … well…

In summary:

Will I order again Bland Meals for my next flights? The answer is yes.


But I will also plan in advance to make sure I have enough food with me, in case I get the not-so-good Bland Meals.

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