Low FODMAP Eats: Breakfast at “Benedict” / Tel Aviv   
1 Jan 2018

Israeli breakfasts are known to be very generous in size, fresh and full of wholesome ingredients. A common breakky at a café would include a big omelet, a salad, lots of dips, fresh bread and other baked goods as well as freshly squeezed juice and a coffee. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

I must admit that since starting the Low FODMAP Diet I didn’t go out to have breakfast. One of the reasons was my (wrong) assumption that I couldn’t have coffee (see my post about coffee in Tel Aviv here). Breakfast without coffee defeats the whole purpose of a long, lazy morning outing for me.


In addition, I thought that it’s pretty pointless to order a whole breakfast and then only eat parts of it due to lo-fo restrictions.

One of the most famous breakfast locations in Israel is "Benedict". This place is really cool - the menu includes breakfasts and breakfasts alone.  Over the years Benedict became a chain with several cafes in different cities around Israel. Some branches are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means you never get the response “we don’t serve breakky anymore” from the waiters.

It was a nice Friday morning and we went for a “morning date” to have breakfast, while our son was in childcare. We managed to get into the Rothschild Boulevard branch pretty early so we avoided the queues, which formed soon after we sat down.   

The great thing about Benedict is the fact you can mix and match your own breakfast. Every item is offered separately so you can assemble you own. A great little hack for us, FODMAPpers.


I chose an omelet (made with olive oil and no milk added to the mixture); a fresh salad; and smoke salmon. I asked for all onions to be removed from the dishes. 

The salad was fresh and well seasoned and the omelet was large and fluffy. Even though I didn’t had any bread, I felt full and happy.

By the way, I rang Benedict in Rothchild a day before to ask whether they have almond milk – the answer was positive. “We just added that a few days ago” I was informed.


However, as the queues outside were getting longer and we wanted to relax and work on our laptop, we decided to have coffee at a café across the road (read more about it here).

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