Why is it important to be “FODMAP brave”
15 Jan 2018 

I must confess – I was avoiding including dairy products as part of my Low FODMAP Diet. I was pretty worried I will react badly, even though lactose free is perfectly Low FODMAP.


The other day we went to the shops. I looked at the lactose-free milk and said – come on, you are coming home with me.

Since then – I didn’t look back.

I am indulging in fluffy hot chocolates and enjoying creamy and delicious coffees.

It’s not easy being “FODMAP brave”, especially when you start feeling better IBS-wise. You just don’t want to risk having IBS related episodes again.


But as I am typing this post (while sipping a beautiful lactose free coffee) I know that being “FODMAP brave” is important.


Yes, we may realize during the process that a certain food item is not for us. But knowing what we CAN’T eat is as important as knowing what we CAN eat.


How can you be more “FODMAP brave” and open yourself up to new adventures?

Words: Dorit Jaffe

Photo: Daniel Jaffe

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