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Dorit Jaffe, Founder - The FODMAP Talk 

Being diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) wasn’t a surprise to me - in hindsight, I alway had IBS. However, up until the beginning of 2017, my symptoms were pretty mild.

In 2017 two major events turned my life upside down.


In January I had a miscarriage. In week 7 the ultrasound showed a heartbeat, and in week 8 there was silence. Nothing. Death.


I was completely and utterly shocked.


At the point, I already had a happy and active one-year old boy, and my first pregnancy was a walk in the park. 


I “took care” of it and went through surgery to remove it.

Soon after, I started to have very strange episodes – I had to go to the toilets ASAP, no delays. And it didn’t matter if I was driving, walking or playing with my son.


A few months later I fell pregnant again. This time I didn’t even reach the stage of heartbeats. It didn’t develop properly, and I was left, yet again, shocked and devastated. Another surgery took place, and another set of strong antibiotics was inserted into my poor body.


Then, oh then, my gut went totally crazy. It affected my whole existence. You are so worried you will have a toilet emergency that you are causing it because you are so stressed.

I went to my GP and announced: I need help.


I was sent to a series of blood tests and a visit to the gastroenterologist.


The gastro heard my story and very quickly said “let me stop you right there. I can tell you what you have – it is IBS”.

“Are you sure?” I replied. She smiled and said “I am so sure that if I had a group of med students here I would call them in the room so they can hear first hand about IBS. It’s IBS textbook”.


I went home knowing what I have, without any ability to change or fix it. 


I started to search the internet for solutions. Some of the comments at the support groups I found were very pessimistic.

However. I didn't give up. Finally, I came across something promising – it was called The Low FODMAP Diet.


I started to read about the diet and immediately downloaded the official app by Monash University. At that moment, I decided to strictly follow FODMAP.


Honestly, I didn’t care for one bit about all the food items I would need to give up as part of it. At this point I would give up air if it meant not having to deal with the toilets episodes and all the other sh*&.


Within literally two days – I felt much better. Slowly I realized what’s good and not good for me, even within the Low FODMAP limits, and my life started to get back on track.


Yes, I still have not-so-good days, and yes- I still worry about toilets and everything that has to do with it. But all in all, I feel like the Low FODMAP diet saved my life.


I wanted to start a blog in order to try and raise the lo-fo awareness; to report about news and updates; and mainly to try and help others to realize that life with IBS can be great.

I am so lucky that I have the most supporting and loving husband, who is also an amazing photographer (and a very talented cook, to name a few of his traits). Together, we go and explore Low FODMAP options. 

Please feel free to drop me an email to send news and information, to offer collaborations, to share interesting ideas, to tell your story, or just to say hi.





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