Low FODMAP eats: a spelt sourdough bread from “Tatti” / Israel
20 Jan 2018

Not a lot of things can beat a good, hearty sandwich.


Since going Low FODMAP, I was really missing a good ‘old sandwich. I am one of those bread lovers and to be honest, I would prefer a nice sandwich over a piece of cake any day.

Tatti” is an artisan bakery with incredibly delicious and health-conscious baked goods.


They offer different kinds of freshly baked sourdough breads and most specific for us FODMAPpers- a 100% spelt sourdough (which, according to the official Monash University app, is Low FODMAP).

The bread was simply amazing – crusty and crunchy on the outside and soft inside.


We paired it with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, basil and a splash of a quality olive oil (all Low FODMAP). 

The good life, I tell ya.

Words: Dorit Jaffe

Photos: Daniel Jaffe 

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