A cheeky little Low FODMAP treat

26 Jan 2018

It’s the weekend, and what’s better than a little Low FODMAP treat to lift our spirits.


Strawberries and chocolate are a match made in heaven. But what about strawberries and hazelnut spread?

Some would be surprised that hazelnut spread (such as Nutella) is Low FODMAP.


The lovely people at FODMAP Friendly tested hazelnut spread and the results were music to our ears; at a serving size of 20g, hazelnut spread is Low FODMAP.

The spread contains skim milk powder, however in small amounts it is still below the Low FODMAP threshold.

Nutella sells cute little packages of the spread, which is really useful FODMAP-wise. 


We found two small sizes: one is 15g and the other 25g. So you can eat your way into the smaller package but just be mindful when cracking up the little jar.

Words: Dorit Jaffe

Photos: Daniel Jaffe 

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